" Granite counter tops are surprisingly affordable and are stain, scratch and heat resistant "

The Mother Nature gifts a tremendous quality to the granite by its colors. So you may choose granite to decorate vanities, kitchen top, tabletops and even all the other countertops. We are specialized in manufacturing those items by expert handcrafters. You may opt for simple straight and even curved shaped granite tops. We, The Wholesale Granite Tops realize your needs and we are able to produce the granite tops, which bear the official feelings for your office tops and the personal feelings for your home tops.

Choose nature's finest material "Granite" for your home, office, or any interior. Enduring and elegant granite is available in a wide variety of colors to match virtually any decor. Straight or curved patterns can be produced for beautiful kitchens, wet bars, vanities and bath areas.

Granite is fast becoming the material of chioce for today's homes and offices because synthetic materials are simply no match for granite's performance and beauty.

Whole Sale Granite Tops now offers you custom-fabricated granite products like vanities, kitchen tops, tabletops and other counter tops for projects. Each of these requires precision and craftsmanship and we have the combination of men and machines to deliver it. We can cut, shape and profile the finest granite into finished products that can grace the most elegant homes, offices, hotels, public spaces, etc.

Vanity Top
Whole Sale Granite Tops has perfected the art of manufacturing and delivering on time vanity tops made to pre-fixed sizes. We manufacture vanity tops with easy polished edges and 18" x 12" oval basin, three faucet holes spaced equally in 8.5" with under pining screws for fitting basins, 4" back and side splashes. The advantage is you dont have to do any extra drilling for fitting sink. The whole vanity top is a easy to setup unit for both fabricators and retail off the shelf buyers.

The vanity tops are available in following sizes and specifications:

Vanity Top Size
Sack Splash
Side Splash x 2 Nos
25" x 22.5"
25" x 4"
21.75" x 4"
31" x 22.5"
31" x 4"
21.75" x 4"
37" x 22.5"
37" x 4"
21.75" x 4"
49" x 22.5"
49" x 4"
21.75" x 4"

All edges are easy polished
Each top has 18"x12" basin cut and easy polished
Three facucet holes spaced 4" centre to centre and 3.25" from top
4 under pining screw holes for fitting sink
Packed in plastic boxes easy to carry

Granite countertops can be made seamless! Modern methods employed by Whole Sale Granite Tops allow extremely thin and barely noticeable seaming in granite; while granite is also available in such large slabs it eliminates seaming problems.

Services for Designing
Choosing the proper material for each application is essential for long term success in any project. We will guarantee right from the overall designing theme suggesting appropriate materials, colours, textures to ensure a quality finish.

Fabrication Services
Stonework is a unique art. It needs years of training. Having two decades of resourceful and robust experience coupled with modern tools and equipments, we can provide the finest fabrication of dimensional stones.

A poor installation may simply ruin a quality fabricated stone work. Apart from technical knowledge to install a project, it needs creative skill too. We entrust such jobs to persons well versed in the installation field so that the quality of the fabricated stone work is par excellence.

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kitchen counter kitchen counter
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