Hand sculpted granite monuments & memorials are created by our highly trained experienced artisans with their expertise handed down the ages' form their fore fathers of ancient temple sculptors. This art of granite is available for our customers with the same traditional & modern architectural values. We have captive factories which are 100% export oriented and well experienced man power to manufacture Japanese, European and American monuments.

We understand your requirements in monument trade both from your marketing view point as well as procurement view point. We are able to understand your many problems because, we have been associated with the starting, growth and development of our American Buyer. We make complicated jewish monuments for them.

When purchasing monuments from India, the various factors to be taken into consideration are quality, timely delivery, packing and shipment.

We assure of you of quality as we have multi stage inspection right from raw material procurement, storing, sawing, polishing and final full product inspection.

Regarding sticking to our time schedule, we have our track record for proof.

In packing we follow international quality. Wood is treated with chemicals for eliminating any form of insects and bugs. The containers are fumigated and proper certification provided. Also depending on your local conditions, we can pack the monuments and the bases seprately provide dyou have handling facility to unpack and repack the sets for indivdual customers.

Suppose if you dont have such store and forward facility, we pack each set seprately so that you can despatch each set directly to a customer. Also the crates are done in such a way that they can be lifted by over head crane using rope or by fork lift. The best way would be to get a storage facility at your local transport company so that they offer discounts for transporting monuments and storing the monuments in their godowns till the time of shipment to the end customer.

In these days of machinery world, we still believe in the manpower and the authenticity and art of the human beings. Yes! Our panel consists of some highly talented and expert artists, who use to sculpt some fantastic granite monuments. Apart from the quality of the artists, the other important fact is that we are able to manufacture any kind of American or Japanese or European architecture formatted monument. The granite used by us is totally of export quality and we are able to manufacture the monument of the ancient age and of the modern age as well.

The need of customers is the main parameter for us before making a monument. We can assure the customers about all the quality checks, packing and shipping, and most important the delivery of the material in time. The quality checks include the raw material procurement, sawing the granite, storing, polishing and the through inspection of the total product. And if you are still confuse about our claim of the timely delivery then you may check our track record. Hope your confusion will not stay any more!

Another important thing about exporting granite monuments are the packing of the product. Donít worry! The packing quality used by us is of international quality. Mainly the packing structure is made of woods. The structure is polished through various chemicals to protect it from the bugs polish it. Keeping your local weather condition in mind does the packing.

All the certifications will be provided with your granite monument while shipping! So your trusty granite monument manufacturer is here for your service. Do consider us anytime you need.

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