"Take advantage of low Indian prices with high international standard quality for granite tiles and slabs"

We can do jobwork for you from our factories there by saving cost on transport and production while maintaining strict quality standards.

Our Product Quality Controllers ensure consistency using our exclusive 5-Point Quality Monitor system for:

Expert knowledge of all aspects of production from the quarry to the factory
Slabs and Tiles color consistency from pallet to pallet
Careful slab selection free of defects
Precision cutting, polishing, honed and antiqued finish
Professional packaging to ensure intact arrival

Please check the colors available from our colors catalogue.

As we are one of the pioneers of making granite monuments, we also build the sell and export the granite slabs and tiles. Not only sells and export, we have some quality experts who can do the work jobs for you using the granite properly. Most importantly, we are offering you the opportunity to save the huge amount of money spent in production and transport.

We are committed to provide the quality services and product to you with all the money saving options. You donít need to be worried since we follow a �5-point regulation� to perform the quality control checks done by our quality control experts. The 5-point quality control regulation is:

Our quality control experts have expert and detailed knowledge of all the aspects of the production from the excavation to the factory.
You fill find the consistency of color of the slabs and the tiles from pallet to pallet. There is no chance of minimum variation in colors.
We donít select the slabs and the tiles randomly. We select only those tiles and slabs, which are free of dispute and ready to serve you.
Experts check if the quality measures like the precision cutting, the polishing, and the antiqued finish are done properly or not.
We keep our vigilant eyes on the packing section of our factory, since without the proper packing methods, a nice granite slab or tile could be destroyed after facing any hazard.

Now, just see the color section of our website to select the color of the slab or tile that you want to own. A wide variety of granite colors are there for you. After choosing the color, just call us for your service.

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